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1         TAMIAS


The TAMIAS enterprise digital asset management system (EDAM) is the gateway to storing, retrieving, viewing, publishing, maintaining and distributing all types of digital content.  TAMIAS’s intuitive, easy-to-use, browser based user interface provides enterprise access to a central data repository, resulting in quick and efficient retrieval of stored assets.  It is loaded with features and functionality that allow the user to take advantage of the TAMIAS EDAM system with little or no training at all.


1.1        Key Features and Functionality

·         Upload Manager 

·         Java utility to load digital files into the system.

·         Thesaurus Service

·         Hierarchical collection of terms

·         Add/Edit/Delete preferred/non-preferred terms

·         Create relationships

·         Used extensively for searching and cataloging

·         Workboxes

·         Create/ View/Edit/Delete/Copy workboxes to hold collections of assets. 

·         Publish workboxes to share with clients/co-workers.

·         Customize layout of assets, add comments, move images

·         Search

·         Quick Search:  Keyword searching (like the popular web portals Google and Yahoo)

·         Advanced Boolean Search:  Perform searches using multiple criteria and advanced boolean searches including but not limited to Thesaurus terms, id numbers, rights information, content information, orientation, etc..

·         Customizable Search Results

·         Change number of images per screen, sort order, new search options.

·         View thumbnails and “Comps” (Larger views)

·         Catalog Workflow

·         View assigned assets

·         Guided wizard to step through assigned assets

·         Add/Edit/Delete asset information, use integrated Thesaurus to add terms

·         Spell Check Service

·         Spell checking implemented for cataloging

·         Export Manager

·         Assign assets to PowerClicks, the e-commerce system

·         Administration Manager

·         Add/Remove Users

·         Change Passwords

·         Assign assets to Catalogers

·         Review and release cataloged assets

·         Create and view reports


1.2        Technology

·         J2EE, Java (JSP, Servlets)

·         Oracle/PostgreSQL Database (Note: Can be implemented on any enterprise relational database)

·         Apache/Tomcat web server

·         Browser Client (Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator)


Note: TAMIAS can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization.