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1         Overview

PowerClicks, which PCI created in 2003, is a fully functional e-commerce solution including keyword searching with customizable results view, lightbox management and distribution, customizable pricing matrix, secure sales transaction and asset downloads, as well as financial and sales reporting and many other features.  More importantly, PowerClicks can be tightly integrated with many existing Enterprise Digital Asset Management (EDAM) solutions, thus streamlining the image archives to e-commerce workflow by increasing the ease which images and data can be imported into the e-commerce system, providing real-time access to e-commerce order and sales information, and eliminating confusion over image identification.  Perhaps the most significant benefit is the confidence that any customization or change that is necessary can and will be completed correctly and to your specification by Power Consultants Incorporated.

2         PowerClicks

2.1        Functional Summary

PowerClicks is an e-commerce system that opens a 24/7 storefront offering the sale of rights managed and/or royalty free digital assets.  It can be implemented as part of and existing Enterprise Digital Asset Management (EDAM) system and share the same data repository or as a standalone e-business marketplace. PowerClicks can provide a seamless interface between the ingesting, cataloging, and managing of assets with the delivery of those assets to the e-business marketplace.

2.2        Key Features and Functionality

2.2.1          Keyword Search

·         Like the popular web portals Google and Yahoo

2.2.2          Advanced Search

·         Use more detailed search parameters to narrow search results

2.2.3          Customizable Search Results:

·         Change number of images per screen, sort order, new search options.

·         View thumbnails and “Comps” (Larger views)

2.2.4          Customizable Pricing Matrix

·         Dynamic pricing for rights managed assets

2.2.5          Lightboxes

·         Create/View/Edit/Delete/Copy lightboxes to hold collections of assets. 

·         Publish lightboxes to share with clients/co-workers.

·         Customize layout of assets, add comments, move images

2.2.6          Shopping Cart

·         Add/Remove items to shopping cart

·         Price items

·         Review/Purchase items

2.2.7          Secure Purchase

·         HTTPS/SSL protocol based transaction

2.2.8          Digital Invoice

·         Customer receives invoice in pdf format via email

2.2.9          Secure FTP Download

·         Customer downloads purchased hi-resolution images from FTP site

2.2.10      PowerClicks Business Manager

·         Sales reports

·         User registration/user visit reporting

·         Site usage reports

·         Commission reports

·         Customized reports

2.3        Technology

2.3.1          J2EE, Java

·         JSP, Servlets

2.3.2          Oracle/PostgreSQL Database

·         Can be implemented on any enterprise relational database

2.3.3          Apache/Tomcat web server

2.3.4          Browser Client

·         Any standard web browser - Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Firefox