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Setting the Standard for Enterprise Digital Asset Management (EDAM).


July 16, 2005 -  In nature, animals must gather and store provisions for the upcoming winter and must be capable of retrieving and distributing those provisions to survive. In business, companies poised to survive in the 21st century face this very same task on a daily basis. Introducing Tamias (\Ta"mi*as\) the brand new browser based Enterprise Digital Asset Management (EDAM) solution by Power Consultants Incorporated (PCI). Featuring easy asset import, advanced searches, workflow management, security, ISO Thesaurus, workboxes for storing and distributing assets and much, much more.

As the creation of digital content continues to grow at an ever-increasing rate, companies are required to find an efficient solution to manage these brand-related assets such as video, packaging, print and audio. Businesses that fail to efficiently manage these assets stand to lose billions. Tamias is the solution. Easily manage your organizations growing inventory of digital assets now with Tamias. No business that creates digital media should be without this solution.


What’s in a name? The Eastern Chipmunk (Tamias Striatus) - Tamias is a Greek word meaning a keeper and distributor of stores or treasurer - is one of only a handful of animals that is capable of storing food in a cache and retrieving later during the winter months. Like the chipmunk, PCI’s EDAM solution is highly capable of storing and managing large amounts of digital data and retrieving and distributing that data anytime, anywhere. Learn more about Tamias and EDAM today.